Quills by Doug Wright

"Slight of hand."

"I'm baaaack."

"There once was a virtuous man called the Abbe de Coulmier...Then, one dark day he encountered a rogue. A rogue, with a habit, it seems, for writing stories..."

"Alas, there's only the lone figure of a man, swirling endlessly in a hollow void!"

"With each new gash - Christ offered me a sly reward. Such exquisite stings."

"Slander! Perjure! Lies! Let them judge me by my intentions, not the acts themselves."

"Yes, it's me. It's truly me! Renee Pelagie Cordier de Montreuil! The toast of France!"

"They say he lies in seven separate --- Oh, Good God!"

"My dear Donation. If, as penance for the life you've lived, you now find yourself in the blackest corner of hell...be consoled my darling you're the only man in the world that might find heaven there."

"And so - with a single, tiny blow - your head - my poor, misguided man - upon the block."

"Ooh, Abbe! Now in death I can freely taste what in life modesty so cruelly forbade."

"I beseech you, not there..."

"There is no God but me!"

"Christ's potent kisses did not cease. His mouth no longer sought my lesions; it went after sweeter fruit."

"In this last box, his tally, whacked!"

"In this box you'll find his right hand. In this his left. In this box you'll find his right foot. In this it's mate..."

"Ten venomous quills, each dripping its own poison!"

"Well, sir? Tell me!"

"Poor gullible LaFarge. He offered everything to the duplicitous little snit...an opulent home, with Italian tile and a garden full of imported tulips..."

"Carry me upstairs, so you can ravish me again!"

"I fucked her a thousand times! With pneumatic force."

"We inspected the body Marquis. She died intact."

"Snip, snip, snip..."

"I must have smelling salts! Absinthe! Doctor, quickly!"

"With that, Fanchon expelled a scream so extravagantly pitched..."

"Imagine! My scandalous stories, whipping through the halls of this mausoleum, like some mysterious breeze!"

"Never fear, my angel.I have a plan."

"You're far crueler, than I, my sweet."

"You've come to read my trousers. You'll note the longest sentence trails down the inseam."

"My newest book begins at my right cuff, continues across my back, and completes itself at the base of my left shoe..."

"Here, follow the adventures of Monsieur Dolmond..."

"I flatter myself that the Chateau shall be a tribute to her beauty..."

"Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated."

"You've already stolen my heart, as well as another more prominent organ, south of the Equator..."

"Sew it up as tightly as when you were a virgin, and come back to me, renewed, so I can deflower it a second time!"

"This old lech forgot himself for a moment. He thought I was a character in one of his nasty books."

"So great was his beauty, so pungent was his youth, that the black robed friars had christened him with the name 'Ganymede'."

"The orchestra ceased its play, and the diva cried, 'Look! Here in our midst, Satan's bride!'"

Costume design by Cyndi Lohrmann.

Set design by Dunsi Dai.

Photo by: Maureen Berry
Lighting Design by Maureen Berry

Photo by: Maureen Berry
Lighting Design by Maureen Berry

Photo by: John Lamb

Photo by: Dunsi Dai

(Ted Gregory & Caitlin Mickey)
The Marquis: "You've already stolen my heart, as well as another more prominent organ, south of the equator..."
Photo by: John Lamb

(Ted Gregory & Caitlin Mickey)
Marquis: "Nothing like a good tingle, is there Madeleine?"
Photo by: John Lamb

(Ted Gregory & Caitlin Mickey)
Madeleine: "Must I administer the kisses directly, or might I blow them?"
Marquis: "The price, my coquette, is as firm as my javelin."
Photo by: John Lamb

(Antonio Rodriguez, Ted Gregory & Caitlin Mickey)

Madeleine: "If we weren't such bad women on the page, Abbe, I'll hazard we couldn't be such good women in life."
Photo by: John Lamb

(Stacie Knock & David Wassilak)
Renee Pelagie: "I have fallen prey to yet another abomination in this unending Cavalcade of Woe which I am doomed to call "my life."
Photo by: John Lamb

(Stacie Knock & David Wassilak)

Dr. Royer-Collard: "With all due respect, Madame, all of France is familiar with your husband."
Photo by: John Lamb

Cast of Quills:
From left to right (Antonio Rodriguez, Ted Gregory, David Wassilak, Charlie Barron, Stacie Knock) In Center (Caitlin Mickey)
Photo by: John Lamb

Photos by John Lamb


KWMU Cityscape with Steve Potter:
Max & Louie Productions' "Quills"


Doug Wright - Playwright
Ted Gregory - Actor (plays the role of The Marquis de Sade)
Brooke Edwards - Director


Local Reviews

BY MARK BRETZ • Ladue News • August 5, 2014

"Max&Louie's Quills is as beguiling and challenging as it is sobering."

BY TINA FARMER • KDHX • August 5, 2014

"The institutional,1800s-era stone-walled set,by set designer Dunsi Dai,is gorgeously dressed with period style furniture and lovely feathered quills...........Costume Designer Cyndi Lohrmann and lighting designer Maureen Berry beautifully recreate the Marquis' obsession in their designs."

BY MALCOLM GAY • RFT • August 13, 2014

"Sadism is contagious in the funny,gruesome Quills"

BY RICHARD GREEN • Talkin' Broadway • August 5, 2014

"As the Marquis,Ted Gregory is simply mind-boggling,shocking,hilarious,giddy,and utterly grotesque in a stylish,delightful sort of way that makes him even more dangerous....."

BY JUDITH NEWMARK • St. Louis Post Dispatch • August 4, 2014

"Doug Wright's strange and thoughtful play.......is related with unstinting verve"

BY ANN LEMONS POLLACK • St. Louis Eats and Drinks • August 4, 2014

"The Doug Wright script......can be quite funny,ranging from broad to sly."

BY CHRISTOPHER REILLY • Alive • August 8, 2014

"Max And Louie’s Daring ‘Quills’ Explores Sexuality And Censorship"

BY SNOOP MK • Snoop's Theatre Thoughts • August 6, 2014

"The storytelling is enhanced especially in the remarkable performances of the uniformly excellent cast.....Kudos to Max&Louie Productions for bringing this fascinating play to the St.Louis audiences,especially in such a well-crafted production."

BY ANDREA TORRENCE • St. Louis Theatre Snob • August 4, 2014

"This salaciously insightful comedy with sharp dialogue is masterfully directed by Brooke Edwards......"

National Reviews

VINCENT CANBY • The New York Times • 1995

"It's a theatrical entertainment that manages to be serious fun along the way."

DAVID SPENCER • Aisle Say • 1995

"it comes by its outrages honestly, and is, when all is said and done, despite everything, a passionately humane play."

LLOYD ROSE • The Washington Post • 1996

"Woolly Mammoth's Sadistic Pleasure"


The Quill is Mightier Than the Sword

Chris Clark • The Vital Voice • July 22, 2014

"People most threatened by provocative art are usually terrified of their own appetites and impulses." Read more...

Interview With Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Doug Wright, Writer Of ‘Quills’ Opening At Max And Louie Productions

Christopher Reilly • ALIVE • July 23, 2014

"Theater still has the power, I think, to educate and change attitudes." Read more...

Wright wrote Quills in response to conservative opposition to the arts.

By his own admission, Doug Wright wrote Quills in response to conservative opposition to the arts. Read more...

The Marquis De Sade (1740 - 1814)

The word "sadism", referring to sexual perversion involving the infliction of pain, is derived from the name of Donatien-Alphonse-Francois de Sade. Read more...

The Grand Guignol

The Theatre of the Grand Guignol first premiered in 1897, providing Paris with a new genre of entertainment that was, ironically, an outgrowth of naturalism. Grand Guignol seeks to inflame the audience by depicting events that appeal to our rawest and most primal impulses. Read more...

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