The Lyons by Nicky Silver

We are thrilled to announce that Max & Louie Productions has just acquired the rights to Nicky Silver's play, The Lyons, which recently completed a successful Broadway run!

A sneak peek at The Lyons Cast.

Production Photos by John Lamb


KWMU Cityscape with Steve Potter:
Max & Louie Productions' "The Lyons"


Stellie Siteman - Artistic Director
Judi Mann - Actress (plays the role of Rita Lyons)
Meghan Maguire - Actress (plays the role of Lisa Lyons)


New York Times Review

BY BEN BRANTLEY • The New York Times • April 23, 2012

"Waiting for Dad to Die: Laughs Pile Up"

St. Louis critics give The Lyons a "Thumbs Up"

BY JUDITH NEWMARK • St. Louis Post Dispatch • August 24, 2013

"A dysfunctional family squabbles on in 'The Lyons"

BY STEVE ALLEN • Stage Door St. Louis • August 23, 2013

"Exemplary Cast, Superb Direction, Outrageous Script Make “The Lyons” A Hit At Max & Louie Productions."

BY DENNIS BROWN • Riverfront Times • August 29, 2013

"As written, the Lyons lead isolated lives of noisy desperation. But as acted, Charlie Barron, Meghan Maguire, Judi Mann and Bobby Miller make for a marvelously interwoven unit."

BY LYNN VENHOUS • • August 29, 2013

" The professionalism of the Max and Louie production is a hallmark of this group. They smoothly presented a very dark contemporary comedy that played on Broadway not too long ago, with strong performances of these prickly, messed-up characters."

BY ANDREA TORRENCE • St. Louis Theatre Snob • August 25, 2013

"There's something perversely pleasing about watching this family tear each other apart that elicits laughter you're almost embarrassed about. Almost."

BY CHRISTOPHER REILLY • Alive • August 26, 2013

"Max & Louie’s ‘The Lyons’ Roars At COCA"

BY MARK BRETZ • Ladue News • August 26, 2013

"The Lyons is deceptively deep and provocative in ways you won’t expect. As presented by Salomon and Miller et al, it’s also richly rewarding theater."

BY ANDREA BRAUN • KDHX • August 24, 2013

"Mama’s Pride: 'The Lyons'"

BY RICHARD GREEN • Talkin' Broadway • August 26, 2013

"Here's an excellent production of a dark comedy, but one that also left the opening night audience gasping in astonishment again and again..."

BY CHRIS GIBSON • Broadway World • August 29, 2013

"Max & Louie Productions has put together an exceptional production of Nicky Silver's The Lyons"

Stage Lyons: St.Louis theatre veterans Wayne Salomon and Bobby Miller Reunite this month for The Lyons!

DENNIS BROWN • Riverfront Times • August 15, 2013

"The Lyons will be the first time we [Wayne and Bobby] have worked together in the theater in twenty-six years." Read more...

The Lyons' roar at the dying of the light

Judith Newmark • St. Louis Post Dispatch • August 18, 2013

"The Lyons won a lot of attention last year when it played on Broadway. (On Thursday, Max & Louie Productions opens it at COCA; in September, it opens in London.) The play garnered generally favorable reviews and the leading lady, Linda Lavin, was nominated for a Tony award." Read more...

When Bobby met Waynie

Ellen Futterman • St. Louis Jewish Light • August 14, 2013

"When (Max and Louie artistic director) Stellie Siteman had me read the script last September, I thought it was brilliant,” said Miller. “I said to Stellie, who I’ve known for years, if I do this, you’ve got to get Wayne Salomon to direct. I knew in order for this to work it needed the right chemistry of actors and director and someone who really understood how to mine the comedy. Wayne was the only director I knew who could achieve that.”" Read more...

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