Manachem Szuz (Dialect Coach) was born in Krakow, Poland, after WWII. Yiddish Learning began at home, hearing it first, when he was very young as his parents attempted to use the language as a parental method for keeping secrets. Whilst still in communist Poland, his dad took him to see Yiddish Theater including Der Dybbuk, after which Manachem did not sleep for several nights.

After leaving Poland for Sydney Australia, he studied Yiddish Grammar at the Bundist Yiddish School becoming fluent in the formal sense. Ultimately, he went on to teach Yiddish in the Yiddishe Folks Center. The teachers there taught Judaism through Yiddish to make students into Kultur Yidden.

Once In St. Louis, Manachem was involved in various Yiddish clubs providing the opportunity to be involved in assisting the troupe of “Indecent” to comprehend, pronounce and feel the Yiddish language and the Yiddish nature of both “Indecent” and “The God of Vengeance” on which it is based.