Dunsi Dai (Scenic Designer) (USA Local 829) was born and grow up in China. He received his MA in Theatre History and Stage Design from Stanford University (1989), and received his MFA in scene design from University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (1992).

He has designed both on Off-Broadway as well as at regional theatres across the country. The scope of his design works includes: straight dramas, musicals, operas, experimental productions, children’s theatre, corporative theatre, and special events.

His set design for Mustard Seed Theatre’s Remnant received a Kevin Kline award in the category of Out Standing Scene Design. He was the Best Scene Designer on St. Louis Today’s “2015 Go List”, and “2018 Go List”.

Dunsi is a professor of scene design at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts in Webster University. He has a web site at