Grey Gardens
Book by Doug Wright, Music by Scott Frankel, and Lyrics by Michael Korie

"Grey Gardens" the Musical based on the Documentary film "Grey Gardens" by David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Mayer and Susan Froemke

“Sometimes it takes people who are so different from normal,for us to understand who we really are.”

"Two Peas in a Pod." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Jerry Likes The Way I do My Corn." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"He's Arriving on the Five-Fifteen." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Our Little Family Safe .....Serene." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"I can't stay, mother. If I do, I'll vanish. You'll make me disappear." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"You're my soul-mate, That's what you are." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"She's executing me Gould, but she won't tell me the crime." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Choose To Be Happy!" - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Brooks Sr." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Joe. Please you mustn't encourage her." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Goddammit,Brooks! Tee me up another will you?" - Photo by Dan Donovan

"Time Rushes By. Memories Fade. Dreams Never Do. I Will be ever True... Will You?" - Photo by Dan Donovan

"The Hamptons Bee. July 1972.The elderly bed-ridden aunt of former first lady,Jacqueline Kennedy,Mrs. Edith Bouvier Beale--My very own mother,can you imagine?" - Photo by Dan Donovan

"What good is cake you have but never eat? I never could deny myself a sweet." - Photo by Dan Donovan

"La-da-da-da-da-da-dum! Wheeeee! March! March! March to buy your war bonds .So the house we live in will win!"

Love is Love is Love is Love is Love.

"Little Edie" and "Big" Edie Grey Gardens Documentary

"Little" Edie Beale


"Big" Edith Bouvier Beale

Lois Wright Painting
This is a "spirit" painting of Little Edie Beale by Lois Wright. Lois is a talented and creative artist and displayed much of her work on the walls of Grey Gardens while she lived there. She continues to paint today. President Jimmy Carter even owns a Lois Wright portrait!
From the collection of JCK & BJK

Portrait of Little Edie Beale
By New York artists Ilana Simons.
From the collection of JCK & BJK

List of Grey Garden Kitties
Little Edie made this thorough list of the various cats that called Grey Gardens home in 1969. She scratched through the total number twice, and settled on 25 as the grand total of felines. The cat food cans are souvenirs from the set of the HBO "Grey Gardens" film.
From the collection of JCK & BJK

Edie Beale Fashion Sketch by Nick Vereos
Little Edie's fashion sense has inspired designers the world over (including Isaac Mizrahi, Marc jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Todd Oldham). This is a sketch by Project Runway designer Nick Verreos that was auctioned for charity last year.
From the collection of JCK & BJK

What Grey Gardens looks like today!

Imported concrete wall from Spain

Current owners: Ben Bradlee (deceased) of the Washington Post and Sally Quinn


BY JUDITH NEWMARK • • July 12, 2016

"Debby Lennon shines in 'Grey Gardens' "

BY HARRY HAMM •, July 21, 2016

"“Grey Gardens” A Bright Spot For Max & Louie"

BY MARK BRETZ • LadueNews • July 13, 2016

"Max & Louie's 'Grey Gardens' Is a Nuanced, Transfixing Tale"

BY BOB WILCOX • Two On The Aisle, July 21, 2016

Review of Grey Gardens at Max & Louis Productions

BY STEVE ALLEN • Stage Door St. Louis • July 13, 2016

"All The Pieces Fit In Glorious “Grey Gardens” At Max & Louie"

BY CHRIS GIBSON • • July 15, 2016

"Max & Louie Productions' Incredible GREY GARDENS"

BY RICHARD GREEN • • July 12, 2016

"A Stunning ‘Grey Gardens: The Musical’ Arrives In St. Louis"

BY ANDREA TORRENCE • St. Louis Theatre Snob • July 14, 2016

"GREY GARDENS • Max & Louie Productions"

BY TINA FARMER • KDHX • July 15, 2016

"'Grey Gardens' is a beautifully twisted tapestry of privilege, personality, and pain"

BY SNOOP MK • Snoop's Theatre Thoughts • July 16, 2016

"An Extraordinary “Grey Gardens” From Max & Louie Productions"

BY PAUL FRISWOLD • Riverfront Times, July 20, 2016

"Two Great Performances Drive Grey Gardens at the Jewish Community Center"

National Reviews

"An experience no passionate theatergoer should miss." –Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"The songs from Grey Gardens sustain a level of refined language and psychological detail as elevated as Stephen Sondheim's" –Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"#1 Show of the Year!" –Time Magazine

"A darkly thrilling, quirky, and heartbreaking musical. Doug Wright's book tells an emotionally devastating tale of family and freedom." –David Cote,NY1 News

"Here's living, breathing proof that the serious Broadway musical isn't dead!" –Matt Wolf, The Observer (U.K.)


Steve Potter on St. Louis on the Air
A discussion about Max and Louie's production of "Grey Gardens - The Musical"


Scott Frankel - Composer
Debby Lennon - Actress
Anna Pileggi - Director
Stellie Siteman - Artistic Director/Producer



Jim Doyle on RAF-STL


Debby Lennon - Actress
Donna Weinsting - Actress



Mother and daughter share catastrophes and songs in 'Grey Gardens'

Judith Newmark • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • July 1, 2016

"Doug Wright is no stranger to strange characters."

A Q&A With Grey Gardens Playwright Doug Wright

• Vital VOICE • July 08 2016

"Free Spirits or Basket Cases? Pathetic Victims or Fab Fashion Icons? There is a wide variance of opinion about the late recluse “Big” Edie Bouvier Beale and her outrageously eccentric daughter, “Little” Edie." Read more...

Max And Louie Productions To Put On Production Of Musical “Grey Gardens”

Bill Loellke • Vital VOICE • Jun 21, 2016

"Max and Louie Productions is gearing up to put on their production of Grey Gardens, a musical adaptation of the documentary of the same name which followed the mother/daughter relationship between two reclusive, former upper class women both named Edith Beale." Read more...

4 Questions With ‘Grey Gardens: The Musical’ St. Louis Costume Designer JC Krajicek

Brooke Lowrey • Alive Magazine • June 28, 2016

"Tony-award winning musical “Grey Gardens” is making its St. Louis premiere this summer and we spoke with JC Krajicek, costume designer, to discuss the process for bringing the show’s iconic fashion to life." Read more...

Max and Louie Productions Brings a Musical Version of the Cult Classic “Grey Gardens” to the St. Louis Stage

Mallory Nezam • St Louis Magazine • July 5, 2016

"Little Edie Beale would be thrilled to know her life had been made into a musical—fans of the cult documentary "Grey Gardens" are thrilled, too, and locals among that contingent can see the show's St. Louis premiere this week." Read more...

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