Chancers by Robert Massey

A U.S. Premiere Comedy! Plays October 30th through November 16th.

There's more than one way to win the lotto.

Three ordinary people face ruin in the recession, but a teasing, tantalizing option could solve all their problems...a chance in a million, if only they have the guts to take it! A fast and furious comedy about the lengths we will go to when our backs are against the wall.

Take a chance on "Chancers", which premiered to great acclaim at the Viking Theatre in Dublin, in 2013 before touring the following year.

"Yet the way men live is so far removed from the way they ought to live that anyone who abandons what is for what should be pursues his downfall rather than his preservation; for a man who strives after goodness in all his acts is sure to come to ruin, since there are so many men who are not good."

The Prince,
Niccolò Machiavelli

"Robert Massey has his finger on the jittery pulse of our cash strapped age"

-Daily Telegraph

"A rollicking ride of gags and a blaze of action and belly laughs."

-Evening Herald

" paced comedy, exceptional cast, comic delight, unforgettable"

-The Irish Mail

CIARA MURPHY • • February 19, 2014

"Chancers is a super charged comedic experience not to be missed."

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