Thrill Me by Stephen Dolginoff


By Andrea Braun –, August 11, 2011
“The acting is impeccable and the direction by Brooke Edwards is sure. The actor’s body language and Edwards’ use of the (small) space lends an operatic feel.”

By Andrea Torrence – St. Louis Theatre Snob, August 7, 2011
“The songs are eerie but alluring with accompaniment by a wonderful Henry Palkes at the piano. The costumes by Cynthia Lohrmann are perfect, and the scenic design by Will James Stacey is simple but effective and works well to accentuate John Blunk’s potent lighting.”

Preshow Publicity

By Robert A. Cohn – St. Louis Jewish Light, August 3, 2011
“There is a lot of trust between these two actors. Leopold and Loeb had a very complicated, intense relationship and it is the actors’ abilities to create that relationship that makes the story and that takes chemistry. And these boys have it.”