Sublime Intimacy by Ken Page


By Judith Newmark –, December 15, 2015
“Generous love story debuts at Max & Louie”

By Ann Lemons Pollack – St. Louis Eats and Drinks, December 7, 2015
“Ken Page’s “Sublime Intimacies” opened this past weekend at the Kranzberg Black Box Theatre. It’s Max & Louie Productions’ first original show, described as a play with dance. Not about dance, understand you, but perhaps about loving the beauty that dance can epitomize, and definitely about the intimacies that love of all kinds can engender.”

By Mark Bretz – LadueNews, December 9, 2015
“Visual Beauty in Max & Louie Productions’ ‘Sublime Intimacy'”

By Richard Green – Talkin Broadway, December 9, 2015
“Ken Page’s gentle personal history of gay rights rises to the heights of stage poetry in this Max & Louie world premiere production.”

By Joseph Hanrahan – Buzz On Stage, December 8, 2015
“3 Reasons to See Sublime Intimacy from Max & Louie Productions”

By Tina Farmer – KDHX, December 9, 2015
“Sublime Intimacy creates a delicate dance between love and ephemera”

By Chris Gibson –, December 14, 2015
“Lovely and Touching Sublime Intimacy by Max and Louie Productions”

By Snoop MK – Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts, December 15, 2015
“Max & Louie’s Ambitious “Sublime Intimacy” is Evocative, Personal”

Two on the Aisle Review of Sublime Intimacy by Bob Wilcox


World premiere of Ken Page’s ‘Sublime Intimacy’ aims to have you asking questions of your love life
Kelly Moffitt – KWMU, Nov 25, 2015

“Renowned singer, actor, playwright and St. Louisan Ken Page describes it like this: “There’s a point in the play where one of the characters says ‘It’s like that captain of the football team that you fell in love with or that boy whose green eyes you still see when you close yours…you know the one.’ It’s that thing, that’s what it’s based on.”” Read more…

Sublime Intimacy composer helps arts talk to each other
Patricia Corrigan – The Jewish Light, November 25, 2015

“Blame Henry Palkes’ storied career as a pianist extraordinaire on Dracula, werewolves and other heroes of horror films. Those were the creatures Palkes feared lurked in the basement in his family home in St. Louis, where as a youngster he practiced piano.” Read more…

The Art of Sublime Intimacy
Denny Patterson – The Vital Voice, November 30 2015

“St. Louis native Ken Page may be a well-known actor who has made numerous appearances on the stage and screen, but his directing credits are equally impressive. In association with Max and Louie Productions, his latest show, Sublime Intimacy, will be making its world premiere in St. Louis at the Kranzberg Arts Center from December 4-20.” Read more…

Truly sublime for St. Louisan
Vicki Bennington – The Telegraph, November 24th, 2015

“St. Louis native Ken Page is set to premier his original production of “Sublime Intimacy” in December at the Kranzberg Arts Center.” Read more…


KWMU Cityscape with Steve Potter:
Ken Page – Playwright
Henry Palkes – Composer

KDHX interview with Ken Page