The New Century by Paul Rudnick


By Judith Newmark –, May 14, 2012
“New Century’ succeeds! Performers deliver three strong entertaining character sketches to stage.”

By Richard Green – Talkin’ Broadway, May 16, 2012
“Go, enjoy; admire Ms. Siteman’s and Mr. Knoll’s waspish quips and Ms. Billo’s wonderfully simple, heartfelt remembrance. It’s a well-balanced meal of titillation and defiance, and a great big helping of unequivocal love.”

By Ben Brantley – The New York Times, April 15, 2008
“The one-liners fly like rockets in “The New Century,” the rollicking bill of short plays by Paul Rudnick that opened on Monday night at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater. And more often than not, they hit their targets smoking. If Leno and Letterman regularly scored this ratio of hits to quips, much of America would be hospitalized with late-night laughter burn.”


By Judith Newmark –, May 12, 2012
“Rudnick, 54, who acknowledges that he has always been funny, has been professionally funny for decades.”

By Andrea Braun –, May 12, 2012
“I talked to Paul Rudnick on the eve of Max and Louie Productions presentation of his play The New Century, which consists of three one-act vignettes and a fourth titled “The New Century”, which ties all the characters together. It is hugely entertaining, but is also a profound statement on gay life from the perspectives of a PFLAG mother, a flamboyant cable TV talk show host, and a mother who has learned to deal with grief through crafts. Rudnick uses comedy to convey his observations on art and life.”