The Violet Hour by Richard Greenberg

Production Photos by John Lamb

Reviews Are In – All Raves!

By Mark Bretz –, August 26, 2012
“Engaging, Intriguing and intoxicating, The Violet Hour is dense in it’s myriad possibilities and well worth your attention. Even at that, you’ll likely leave scratching your head and contemplating a return to learn what you might have missed originally.”

“A 5 on a scale of 1-to-5”

By Dennis Brown – Riverfront Times, August 26 2012
“It’s easy to root for a play that is both inventive and unexpected. All in all it’s a refreshing and felicitous evening of thoughtful theater.”

By Andrea Braun –, August 26, 2012
” The actors are all playing at the top of their form and I enjoyed and admired almost every minute of it.”

By Robert A. Cohn – St. Louis Jewish Light, August 29, 2012
“The venue of the black box theatre in the former B’nai Amoona Synagogue building enhances the “unstuck in time” motif of this impressive work staged by Max and Louie Productions.”

By Richard Green –, August 30, 2012
“These are some great young actors to watch while your ears exult in the equally great writing of Richard Greenberg’s 2003 play.”

By Andrea Torrence –, August 27, 2012
“Mark Wilson’s handsome set is framed with projections of arched windows, and is complimented by Maureen Berry’s provocative lighting design”

By Steve Allen –, August 27, 2012
“Twists And Turns Enhance “The Violet Hour” Plot At Max & Louie’s Latest”

By Chris Gibson –, August 30, 2012
“A strong ensemble and sharp direction make this a fascinating work that’s well worth your time and attention”

By Mark Bretz – Ladue News, December 21, 2012
“Out of 135 productions reviewed in 2012 that reviewer ranked Max& Louie’s Production #3 out of the Best 10! ”


KWMU Cityscape with Steve Potter
Stellie Siteman – Artistic Director
Sydnie Grosberg Ronga – Director
Jake Ferree – Actor (plays the role of Denis McCleary)

Preshow Publicity

By Judith Newmark –, August 18, 2012
“Prolific playwright shies away from the spotlight”

A wonderful new work…of serious whimsy, of glittering style and dark substance…THE VIOLET HOUR balances heights of wit with depths of feeling. — NY Times.

May just be Greenberg’s finest…The play is continually amusing, but also deeply touching. — Variety.

Richard Greenberg’s luminous, mysterious, emotionally churning tragicomedy, THE VIOLET HOUR, is a wondrous piece of work…This is the kind of bewitching play that makes theater a world unto itself. — Chicago Sun-Times.