Souvenir by Stephen Temperley


By Tina Farmer – KDHX, December 29, 2017
‘Souvenir’ is a brilliant work of showmanship, missed notes, and an enduring if odd friendship.

By Judith Newmark – St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec 19, 2017
Max & Louie comedy rings with laughter -— and wrong notes

By Chuck Lavazzi – OnSTL, December 19, 2017
Is ‘Souvenir’ the perfect holiday show?

By Mark Bretz – Ladue News, December 19, 2017
Max & Louie’s ‘Souvenir’ Is Pitch-Perfect Comedy.

By Richard T. Green – Talkin Broadway, December 18, 2017
Marie Antoinette is supposed to have said, “let them eat cake,” as French peasants grew angry at her profligacy. Likewise, in a moment of imagined noblesse oblige, in our own Great Depression, Manhattan millionaire Florence Foster Jenkins very nearly said, “let them hear me sing.”

By Pamela Reckamp – STL Limelight, December 18, 2017
So Much to Love in Max and Louie’s Souvenir.


By Tina Farmer – KDHX, December 16, 2017
A singular diva charms

By Judith Newmark – St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 13, 2017
“Debby Lennon digs into another offbeat character: Florence Foster Jenkins”

TV / Radio Interviews

Debbie Lennon and actor Paul Cereghino on FOX2

Paul Cereghino and Sydnie Grosberg Ronga join Don Marsh on St. Louis on the Air

Debby Lennon and Paul Cereghino on STL Live

National Reviews

“…an unexpectedly gentle and affecting comedy.” – New York Times

“A beguiling comic jewel with a heart.” – Variety

“…a memorable illustration of the real limits of self-perception,and of the purely theatrical magic that can turn the tinniest ear to gold.” – Time Out

“Tone-deaf but utterly pitch-perfect.” – The New York Daily News

“ go laugh to your heart’s content.There weren’t many voices as bad as Jenkins’.There aren’t many theatrical experiences as good as Souvenir.” – Boston Globe


Dubbed by her critics as the “Dire Diva of Din”, passionate music lover and wealthy socialite, Florence Foster Jenkins enjoyed a remarkably successful concert career even though she was unburdened by talent and deliriously tone deaf.

Her story is told through the eyes of her pianist, Cosme McMoon. A truely talented musician, he regards her at first as a little more then an easy way to pay the rent, but his initial contempt gives way to reluctant admiration, then friendship and a unique kind of love.

Their bizarre partnership yielded off-key recitals that earned them standing ovations and cultish fame-culminating in a sold-out performance at Carnegie Hall.

Get to know this epic musical odd-couple in “Souvenir”, a tuneful comedy which beguiles the hopeful artist that lives in us all.

Florence Foster Jenkins true story was recently told in the Oscar nominated film starring Meryl Streep.


Debby Lennon* – Florence Foster Jenkins
Paul Cereghino – Cosme McMoon

Production Staff

Sydnie Grosberg Ronga – Director
Eric Nathan Brady* – Stage Manager
Kevin J Bowman – Production Manager
Teresa Doggett – Costume Designer
Rissa Crozier – Wardrobe Supervisor
Maren Wander – Wardrobe Assistant
Casey Hunter – Sound Designer
Dunsi Dai – Scenic designer
Star Turner – Assistant Scenic Designer
Joseph M Novak – Technical Director
Patrick Huber – Co-Lighting Designer / Projections
Tony Anselmo – Master Electrician / Co-Lighting Designer
Phillip Evans – Light Board Op
Marla Stoker – Publicist/Social Marketing

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Play Times and Venue

Opening Day
December 15, 2017
Closing Day
December 31, 2017

The Marcelle Theater

The Marcelle Theatre in Grand Center
3310 Samuel Shepard Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

The Marcelle Theatre in Grand Center is located 3 blocks East of Grand Boulevard, just down the street from Powell Hall, and offers free lighted parking across the street.

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