***In response to the St. Louis City, St. Louis County Renewed Mask Mandate, as of July 26,2021, Max & Louie Productions will require all theatre patrons to wear a mask while in the Grandel lobby and theatre regardless of their vaccination status.

Safety Protocols have been adjusted to bring live, safe theatre back to the Grandel.


The top priority for reopening is the health and safety of our artists, production staff, frontline staff, volunteers, and audiences. We have developed a comprehensive plan to create safely, present safely, and attend safely. Our patrons will be able to experience once again, the high level of artistic integrity that has become synonymous with Max & Louie Productions, and the confidence they are safe in an INDOOR theatre.

Protocols for keeping Audiences Safe at The Grandel Theatre

1. ENHANCED SANITATION / SANITIZER STATIONS- The Grandel Theatre will undergo a professional cleaning and receive a comprehensive viral disinfectant fogging prior to opening. Max & Louie Productions will continue to do cleanings when performances are taking place with an EPA certified disinfectant solution with increased disinfecting procedures on all high touch surfaces throughout all theatre areas. Sanitizer stations are installed at convenient locations including points of entry and restroom entrances.

2. AUDIENCE AND PUBLIC SIGNAGE – Signage will be posted in the lobby of the Grandel Theatre to remind all patrons regardless of vaccination status to wear a mask at all times while on the premises. Self-Health Symptom checks will be posted with reminders that anyone feeling that that they may have a temperature will be asked to return home and will be given a free exchange to a later performance. There will be additional signage with reminders that there is no eating or drinking in the theatre before or during the performance.

3. COVID-19 DRESS CODE – All patrons and staff will be required to wear masks while at the Grandel. Employees (Box office staff / House Manager) and front-line volunteers (Ushers) whose job scope requires interacting and/or transactions with the public are required to wear protective face coverings while on duty.

4. CONTACT TRACING PROTOCOLS – To ensure proper contact tracing protocols are in place, Max & Louie Productions will require the name and contact information on the ticket purchaser from each party. The ticket buyer for each party is expected to contact all other members of their party should contract tracing become necessary after any performance. Tickets are available at metrotix by phone (314-534-1111) or online at www.metrotix.com Limited reserved booth seating will be available for parties of four and six. Tickets will be delivered via mail, mobile device or for at home printing. They will also be available at the Grandel Theatre box office during the day or evening of performance, one hour prior to curtain.

5. REDUCED VENUE CAPACITY – The Grandel Theatre will operate at reduced capacity of 40%.

We have removed every other row of seats.

Booth Seating in the orchestra and balcony will allow for groups of 4-6 to sit together divided separately from other patrons.

6. STAFF & VOLUNTEER TRAINING – Max & Louie Productions will provide training for all staff and volunteers on proper interaction procedures for a contactless entry and properly disinfected spaces. Volunteers will understand that staff is available to handle any situations with non-compliant patrons and their role as volunteers is only to inform staff. If a guest violates health and safety protocols they will be denied entry and their ticket price will NOT be refunded. Compliance with health and safety rules is mandatory.


Protocols for Keeping Actors, Production Staff, Frontline Staff and Volunteers Safe

1. “FULLY VACCINATED” – We are requiring a fully vaccinated company. “Fully vaccinated,” as defined by the CDC, is more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose of an FDA authorized vaccine. All actors, creative team, technicians, front-line staff and volunteers working on the production must be fully vaccinated. The vaccinated group agrees to avoid attending crowded events or gatherings. When going out in public, vaccinated personnel must wear an appropriate face mask, when called for. Any outside parties that come into the rehearsal space or backstage areas will also be required to be fully vaccinated.

2. GOVERNMENT — All federal, state, county and city reopening requirements will be followed.

3. COVID-19 SAFETY OFFICER – Max & Louie Productions has hired a Covid-19 safety officer. This person will always be onsite for all rehearsals, performances, and other company gatherings. The CSO shall oversee and ensure compliance with all safety protocols and will not be assigned any additional duties that are not COVID-19 related. Responsibilities of the CSO include overseeing, monitoring, and enforcing protocols for testing, symptom monitoring, cleaning and disinfection, masks and other PPE, case reporting, contact tracing, and conducting orientation for all individuals present in the rehearsal space or backstage. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the CSO has the appropriate training. The CSO will review safety protocols with all employees on the first day of employment.

4. COVID-19 TESTING PLAN – Everyone must receive a negative FDA authorized antigen or PCR test 72 hours prior to the start of work. Testing will be required before returning to work on a continuing basis throughout employment if any individual has an exposure risk. Test results should be received no later than 48 hours after administration. The CSO must be notified of test results before an individual may return to work.

5. MASKS AND PPE – Everyone in the vaccinated group that includes the Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Covid-Safety Officer and the Actors when rehearsing and/or performing are not required to wear a mask. Proper Masks & PPE will be provided as needed at no cost to the actors, stage managers and production staff if they so choose. All Production staff employees and front-line volunteers will always wear masks when working in the theatre and theatre lobby during rehearsals and performances.

6. FOOD AND BEVERAGES –All food will be made available pre-wrapped and in individual bagged meals. Disposable tableware and prewrapped cutlery will be used. Only single-use disposable beverage containers will be used.

7. CLEANING, DISINFECTION AND SANITIZATION OF THE WORKPLACES – All spaces must adhere to CDC guidelines for cleaning, sanitization, and cleaning products. Max & Louie Productions has contracted with a professional cleaning and disinfecting specialist to provide disinfecting products based on the most up to date CDC standards. Daily cleaning of low and high-touch areas will be conducted in the theater, rehearsal hall, and backstage. Props, sets, microphones, transmitters, and headsets that actors and technicians use will be cleaned after each use. All Costumes and dressing rooms will be disinfected after each use. Hand hygiene dispensers, disposable hand towels, tissues and trash cans will be readily available in the workplace.

Bringing the arts back is important for our community, for our nation.

By working together, we can emerge from this crisis as a stronger and healthier theatre industry, building back, a connection of strength, unity, and creativity. Onwards and Upwards!

Stellie Siteman
Producing Artistic Director
Max & Louie Productions