Max & Louie Productions is committed to the safety of our audience and artists.

With your safety in mind, Max & Louie Productions continue to closely monitor health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC and local officials. For now we are following the policy of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, which may be found here: COVID-19 Mitigation Policies – Kranzberg Arts Foundation. At this point masks are optional and encouraged, and proof of vaccination is no longer required.

Protocols for Keeping Actors, Production Staff, Frontline Staff and Volunteers Safe

1. “FULLY VACCINATED” – We are requiring a fully vaccinated company. “Fully vaccinated,” as defined by the CDC, is more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose of an FDA authorized vaccine. All actors, creative team, technicians, front-line staff and volunteers working on the production must be fully vaccinated. Any outside parties that come into the rehearsal space or backstage areas will also be required to be fully vaccinated.

2. GOVERNMENT — All federal, state, county and city reopening requirements will be followed.

3. COVID-19 SAFETY OFFICER – Max & Louie Productions has hired a Covid-19 safety officer. This person will always be onsite for all rehearsals, performances, and other company gatherings. The CSO shall oversee and ensure compliance with all safety protocols and will not be assigned any additional duties that are not COVID-19 related. Responsibilities of the CSO include overseeing, monitoring, and enforcing protocols for testing, symptom monitoring, cleaning and disinfection, masks and other PPE, case reporting, contact tracing, and conducting orientation for all individuals present in the rehearsal space or backstage. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the CSO has the appropriate training. The CSO will review safety protocols with all employees on the first day of employment.

4. COVID-19 TESTING PLAN – Everyone must receive a negative FDA authorized antigen or PCR test 72 hours prior to the start of work. An FDA Antigen test must be administered to the vaccinated group per the following to ensure there is no breakthrough COVID-19 infection:

No less then 2 times a week during in-person work when the “Risk Level” on the COVIDACTNOW website for the county is Orange(High), Yellow,(Medium) and Green(Low)

No less then 3 times a week during in-person work when “Risk Level” on COVIDACTNOW website for the county is Dark Red (Severe) and Red (Very High)

Testing will continue on a weekly basis throughout in-person employment.

5. MASKS AND PPE – Actors, stage managers, director, and everyone that interacts with them in the workplace must always wear either a close- fitting mask(i,e., surgical mask multi-ply cloth mask) or respirator(N95, Kn95) and wear it correctly (covering the nose and mouth). Actors need not wear their masks or respirator when rehearsing and/ or performing.

6. CLEANING, DISINFECTION AND SANITIZATION OF THE WORKPLACES – All spaces must adhere to CDC guidelines for cleaning, sanitization, and cleaning products. Daily cleaning of low and high-touch areas will be conducted in the theater, rehearsal hall, and backstage. Props, sets, microphones, transmitters, and headsets that actors and technicians use will be cleaned after each use. All Costumes and dressing rooms will be disinfected after each use. Hand hygiene dispensers, disposable hand towels, tissues and trash cans will be readily available in the workplace.

Stellie Siteman
Producing Artistic Director
Max & Louie Productions