It Had To be You by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna


By Chris Gibson –, July 20, 2010
“Director Sydnie Grosberg Ronga draws fine work from this cast, and keeps the action moving.”

By Dennis Brown – Riverfront Times, July 21, 2010
“…the laughs seem to flow naturally, of their own accord. The performers, Stellie Siteman and Jerry Vogel, never assault or harangue us; they are pleasant…”

By Jerry Berger –, July 24, 1010
“One of the top stage achievements this summer has to be the production of the two-act play, “It Had to be You,” now on board at the Marvin and Harleen Wool Theater at the JCCA”

By Judith Newmark – St. Louis Post-Dispatch – July 22, 2010
“These producers sniff out comedy! The latest troupe on the St. Louis theater scene, Max & Louie Productions, takes its name from a pair of newcomers…”

By Mark Bretz – Ladue News, July 22, 2010
“Christopher Waller’s messy, cluttered set fits Theda’s scatterbrained personality and is handsomely lit by Glenn Dunn’s lighting, most appealing in its late-night illumination, with sound…”

BY Richard Green –, July 20, 2010
“Ms. Siteman is a remarkable comic talent”


KWMU Cityscape with Steve Potter
Sydnie Grosberg Ronga – 

Stellie Siteman 
- Actress
Jerry Vogel –