Laura Peters

President of the Board

Laura was born in St. Louis, and graduated from Cor Jesu Academy. She double-majored in theatre and English at Fonbonne University, and holds credits from St. Louis and Indiana State Universities.

She spent several years as a performer in St. Louis and regionally, and joined the Globe-Democrat in 1983. She served as the assistant director of public relations there until the Globe closed in 1986. From there, she went to the entertainment division of Kerlick, Switzer & Johnson Advertising as their director of publicity and promotions. As such, she created and implemented sales campaigns for 18 movie studios, and headed publicity tours for celebrities ranging from Gregory Peck to Hooch–a drooling mastiff and a Tom Hanks co-star.

In 1992 she joined The Muny, where she was the director of marketing through 2013. As such, she was responsible for advertising, publicity, promotions, public relations, group sales, program advertising and program production. At the end of the 2013 season, she transitioned into the positions of marketing manager and director of the archives.

In the latter role, she is heading a team, designed to catalogue, index, and digitize 100 years of Muny and St. Louis theatre history. She will design and implement a brand-new website, slated to launch in 2018, making much of the Muny’s archival material available to the general public and researchers for the first time. Laura is helping to create an exhibit at MoHis, supporting the efforts of their professional staff.

She is also working on her fourth novel, one of a series, which she will launch in 2018.