2015 “Judy” Award goes to…

2015 “Judy” Award goes to Lavonne Byers as “Best Actress in a Comedy” for her role as June Buckridge/(Sister George) in “The Killing of Sister George“. Congratulations Lavonne!

The Scandal of Sister George

By: Jackie Chambers, Board Member Scandals are guilty pleasures. Think of all the news stories we eagerly follow about public figures behaving badly. Isn’t there something satisfying in the shocking revelation? That politician with the happy, photogenic family has been … Read More

5 Things About Sister George

We put together this list for your trivia-hungry brains to peruse. See you at the theatre! 1. Sister George is Not a Sister Not with a capital “S,” anyway. She is not a nun, nor does she belong to any … Read More

A Sneak Peek at Sister George “Threads”

The era is the swinging 60s in London, a time of rapid, social, and political change. BBC Radio actress, June Buckridge (Sister George) is struggling to remain relevant in an England caught up in the cultural upheaval. Designer Cyndi Lohrmann … Read More