Max & Louie Productions proudly announces the Cast and Creatives of “Sublime Intimacy”

Updated Release! Max & Louie Productions announces Cast and Creatives of “Sublime Intimacy” written and directed by Ken Page*!

Sublime Intimacy is the remembered tales of five friends: an ex-Hollywood actor,a psychology professor, a painter, an actress and a Broadway musical performer whose lives were elevated, touched and indeed changed by their love of a dancer and his dance. While each person’s story is different,they overlap,intertwine and inform each other as the lives and tales of friends often do. We the audience,like the characters, are allowed to share in the intimate beauty of the art form through the performances of “The Dancer” as the play unfolds. Sublime Intimacy, isn’t that what we all want?

The incredible cast includes:

  • Bethany Barr*
  • J. Samuel Davis*
  • John Flack*
  • Reginald Pierre
  • Luke Steingruby, and
  • Alfredo Solivan

The talented creative team includes:

  • Henry Palkes – Composer/Musical Director
  • David Marchant and Kameron Saunders – Choreographers
  • Marjorie Williamson – Visual Artist
  • Dunsi Dai – Set Designer
  • Jon Hisaw-TD
  • Patrick Huber – Lighting Designer
  • Teresa Doggett – Costume Designer
  • Robin Weatherall – Sound Designer
  • Claudia Mink Horn – Props Designer
  • MJ Probst*- Stage Manager

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

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